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Cast and Frass™ is a premium product that is best used with your most valuable plants and used in Foilage Spray.


Potted Plants: add into Soil mix at 1:4 parts soil mix or 20-25% of your potting mix. Top dress soil mix with 1.25cm/0.5” of Cast and Frass™.

Seed Starter and Seedlings: Mix 1:1 Cast and Frass™ to Perlite. The slow release of nutrients of Cast and Frass™ is ideal for starting seeds and seedlings for up to 4 to 6 weeks.

Ground Planting: Add 60ml or 1/8 cup of Cast and Frass™ at root of seedling and top dress area around plant at a 16cm/6” diameter with 2.5cm/1” of Cast and Frass™. The use of Cast and Frass™ attracts local earthworms to naturally aerate your garden soil plus Cast and Frass™ repels more varieties of unwanted pests than worm castings alone.

Lab Analysis
Lot #2019A – link to C&F Manure Lab Test 201 PDF


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