Cast and Frass™ – Kietin Foliage Spray

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Cast and Frass is a unique and powerful soil amendment that provides the benefits from a variety of composting worms and insects for a blend of worm castings and insect frass that enhances the strength, durability, growth and yield of the plants and improves upon the base of VermiCast™ worm castings.

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Cast and Frass™ is created by providing a special feed formula to the composting insects and worms which creates the best possible conditions for nutrient uptake that insect frass and worm castings provide for the plants. In turn gives the plants what they require to flourish and maximize their potential.The vegan based feed formula ensures that nutrients and minerals are available to the plant while not compromising safety. Cast and Frass™ is lab tested by a Government Certified Lab to ensure nutrient levels are available. Cast and Frass™ is also test for Pathogens to ensure it is safe for use with growing edible fruits, vegetables, nuts and plants.Due to our extensive lab testing, Cast and Frass™ is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

No animal bi-products are used to create Cast and Frass™Cast and Frass™ is a premium product that is best used with your most valuable plants and used inFoilage Spray.DirectionsPotted Plants: add into Soil mix at 1:4 parts soil mix or 20-25% of your potting mix. Top dress soil mix with 1.25cm/0.5” of Cast and Frass™.Seed Starter and Seedlings: Mix 1:1 Cast and Frass™ to Perlite. The slow release of nutrients of Cast and Frass™ is ideal for starting seeds and seedlings for up to 4 to 6 weeks.Ground Planting: Add 60ml or 1/8 cup of Cast and Frass™ at root of seedling and top dress area around plant at a 16cm/6” diameter with 2.5cm/1” of Cast and Frass™. The use of Cast and Frass™ attracts local earthworms to naturally aerate your garden soil plus Cast and Frass™ repels more varieties of unwanted pests than worm castings alone.Lab AnalysisLot #2019A – link to C&F Manure Lab Test 201 PDF


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