Benefits & Uses

Products are tested by a Government Certified Lab for nutrients and pathogens to ensure quality and safety prior to packaging.

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Top 12 Benefits & Uses

Grow a variety of Eggplant
VermiCast or Cast and Frass are great for all plants and grasses.
Cannabis thrives with VermiCast and Cast and Frass mixed in soil.
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  • Contains over 100 micronutrients and trace minerals
  • Over a Billion - Contains Macro and Micro Organisms that boosts life in the soil. Do not use chemical fertilizers after use of our living natural soil amendments as they kill the beneficial organisms in the soil and amendments.
  • PH balance of 5.5-6.5, which makes it ideal for mixing with other additives. Our natural soil amendments also act like barrier to help plants grow in soil where the PH levels are too high or too low plus prevent PH levels to change to extreme levels.
  • Extracts toxins and harmful fungi and bacteria from the soil, which in turn fights off plant diseases.
  • Contains Humic Acid, which stimulates plant growth. The Humic Acid is in an ionically distributed state in which it can be easily absorbed by the plant, over and above any normal mineral nutrients. Humic Acid also stimulates micro flora populations in the soil.
VermiCast or Cast and Frass foilage spray will help keep your plants srong and healthy while repelling unwanted insects.
  • Reduces the acid-forming carbon in the soil, and increases the nitrogen levels in a state that the plant can use.
  • Fixes heavy metals in organic waste which prevents plants from absorbing more than they need. Then assists in the release of the compounds as the plants requires them.
  • Repels pests like white flies, aphids, and spider mites and any other pests that feed on plant juices.
  • Retains water which reduces water consumption and cost. Farmers add worm castings to reduce water bills.
  • Increase yields as much as 25%. When used correctly, our natural soil amendments can increase yields enough that the cost-benefit analysis will prove to be beneficial.
  • No odour, and safe to handle with bare skin. All natural ingredients.
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use.
VermiCast or Cast and Frass can be a vital part of your plant growth. Help fight against unwanted insects and disease.
Impress with great looking and tasting melons when using Sertia Soils amendments in your garden
Improve yield of all garden vegetables by mixing in VermiCast or Cast and Frass into soil
Sertia Developments Inc, has developed a unique and specialized formula for the Hazelnut industry

Why Cast and Frass™?

No odor, and safe to handle with bare skin. All natural ingredients. Safe for indoor and outdoor use.