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Products are tested by a Government Certified Lab for nutrients and pathogens to ensure quality and safety prior to packaging.

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With the birth of his first daughter in 1999, the President of Sertia Developments Inc. began a personal organic vegetable garden too feed his family a nutritious vegetables without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Over the years, a mixture of mushroom compost and sheep manure was used.
With the risk of an outbreak of E.coli, a quest to find soil amendments that did not use animal biproducts began. With few options, home composting began. The use of household scraps and yard waste provided an excellent source of chemical free ingredients.

Waste was reduced to 4 Gallons of non-recyclable waste for a family of 4 per week. The remaining waste conveniently fit into a 5 Gallon paint bucket each week. This added a significant amount to our compost pile. The process to create compost was slow and cumbersome. Thus, research began on how to speed up the composting process while ensuring food safety.

After a few years of research, a combination of composting worms, fungi, microbes and minerals were studied to create Vegan based soil amendment products. The products created provide the plant its requirements to improve growth, strength and yield plus reducing the risk of Pathogens.

When family and friends saw the results from the garden, they began asking for the products and what began as a personal quest became a business. Products are now available in over 20 stores and available online for purchase. The products have been used for all consumable plants, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

Products are tested by a Government Certified Lab for nutrients and pathogens to ensure quality and safety prior to packaging.

It’s important to know what you grow in.

Not all worm castings are created equal.

VermiCast™ Premium Worm Castings are created by utilizing local natural resources which is formulatedinto a vegan based diet of nutrients and minerals which is then fed to and a variety of compostingworms. The vegan diet is important as most worm castings are generated from animal waste and aresusceptible to E.Coli and other Pathogens due to the use of animal waste.
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The special feed formula which is based upon vegan ingredients reduces the risk of pathogen transfer tothe castings and then onto edible fruit, vegetables, nuts and plants.VermiCast™ is lab tested by a Government Certified Lab to ensure quality of nutrients and tested forpathogens to ensure food safety with its use.

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Sertia Developments Inc. has the ability to create worm castings that suit your specific plant
requirements. Customized VermiCast™ Blends have been developed for the Cannabis/Hemp plant and Hazelnut tree.