Amazing variety of soil amendments made with all natural local vegan ingredients.

The vegan diet is important

as most worm castings are generated from animal waste and are susceptible to E.Coli and other Pathogens, due to the use of animal waste.

Not all worm castings are created equal

VermiCast™  and Cast and Frass™ Premium Worm Castings are created by utilizing local natural resources which is formulated into a vegan based diet of nutrients and minerals; which is then fed to and a variety of composting worms.
Cannabis thrives with VermiCast and Cast and Frass mixed in soil.
Grow seedlings in 75% VermiCast or Cast and Frass plus 25% Perlite for exceptional growth without the risk of burning.
stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product on the market. Our soil amendments provide nutrients and minerals that are absorbed easily and immediately by plants. Most importantly, the nutrients and minerals are released slowly which avoids burning of the plant.

Cast and Frass™

Products are tested by a Government Certified Lab for nutrients and pathogens to ensure quality and
safety prior to packaging.